What part of “Infinity” did I not understand?

When you find yourself naming a quilt something, something, “Infinity” you might take that as a clue. I am so nearly finished with a seriously CRAZY scrap quilt that I used to refer to as “micro scrap piecing”, but find that I can’t seem to use the term, “micro” to describe this so much larger than imagined or planned quilt. When you work with scraps, and are using narrow pieces, the seam allowances might be wider than what is visible. I started with a narrow seam allowance because I wanted to make the most of what I had to use. I eventually changed to standard seam allowances for the integrity of the piece – ie I need the seams to be strong and safe from fraying. So my piecework loses a 1/4 inch on both sides as I add new pieces. If I add a 1 inch strip every time that would only be loss of 1/2 inch. But I tend to add narrower pieces.