My Favorite

Rabbit_QuiltYes. This is it. Hand picked each fabric.  This is the quilt I would have made for myself.  I love it. The Lunar New Year Rabbit Quilt was made for a Dillion International auction, by me, and quilted by Kate Kline.

Fortunately, I have a few spare hares and a couple of courthouse step blocks to make a mini quilt.

First time I set blocks on point and made setting triangles.


Fabrics from this quilt began the “Scrap Infinity” projects.



AKA: So many projects, so little time.
If you have been quilting, or crafting, or making of any sort, you are most likely in the same boat as I find myself on an annual basis when January arrives. Way too many U.F.O.’s I am sure I will always have a metaphorical stack of unfinished quilts to tackle. But, I do not want my creative energy to be weighted down by guilt. To my credit I have allowed myself to completely let go of most of my not worked on projects because of my almost famous scrap quilt, “Circular Infinity”. But, I have a beautiful HST quilt that I am making for a wonderful friend, a block quilt for a wonderful friend, a quilt for a wonderful some one(s) who are family, a quilt for a wonderful little one that just needs quilting, and a quilt that needs quilting for a pattern release, which I feel all need to be finished this week.

Last summer I started making some small projects so I would have a few things to sale at a local show that took place the first weekend in January. These little projects balanced the long term project and made it possible for me to have some finished work.